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But do we really know the meaning of AOVE? What is it, and what is it used for? What are its unique properties? Let’s discover it in this article.

AOVE is the acronym for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the authentic juice of the highest quality olives. Unrefined and without organoleptic defects, AOVE is a true treasure of Spanish gastronomy and overall health.


AOVE: What it consists of and its uses

AOVE is more than just a simple oil. Its greener color and its level of oleic acid, the lowest among olive oils, are just the beginning. This oil serves as an accompaniment and base for elaborate meals, aiming to enhance dishes with an extra touch of flavor and texture. It is widely used in gastronomy for its taste and its beneficial properties for the body. AOVE is also used to aid digestion, stimulate the gallbladder, and form a protective layer against diseases such as gastritis or ulcers.

To identify high-quality AOVE, it is essential to know its most relevant characteristics and some considerations related to the date and type of harvest.

Differences between AOVE and other types of olive oil

AOVE differs from other types of olive oil>> in terms of quality, taste, aroma, and beneficial properties for health. It is obtained from the best olives and extracted through mechanical processes without using heat or chemicals. This makes it the highest quality olive oil. In contrast, virgin olive oil and refined olive oil, although they have similar qualities to AOVE, do not qualify as such due to differences in the extraction process and acidity level.


Health benefits of AOVE compared to other olive oils

AOVE has superior health benefits>> compared to other olive oils. It contains a higher amount of vitamins and minerals and is rich in flavonoids, natural phenolic compounds responsible for its characteristic taste, aroma, and healthy properties. In contrast, refined olive oil loses a significant part of these healthy properties during the refining process.

Doctor Miguel Ángel Martínez González>> from the University of Navarra has conducted a study on the benefits of extra virgin olive oil (AOVE) in the Mediterranean diet. The study suggests that daily consumption of AOVE can have health benefits, such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Another recent study has also shown that a Mediterranean diet rich in AOVE can prevent relapses in patients with cardiovascular problems. Furthermore, Dr. Martínez-González has pointed out that studies on AOVE from Spain are better known in the United States.

Why is AOVE considered healthier than other olive oils?

AOVE is considered healthier than other olive oils due to its production and preservation process, which retains a higher number of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, AOVE contains flavonoids, natural phenolic compounds responsible for its characteristic taste, aroma, and health-promoting properties. AOVE is regarded as the highest quality olive oil and the most beneficial for health.

In summary, AOVE is a high-quality product with multiple health benefits. Its uses in gastronomy are extensive, and its unique properties make it a true natural treasure.

Now that you know what AOVE is and what it’s used for, it’s the perfect time to introduce this magnificent product into your daily diet and reap all its benefits. Whether as part of your favorite dishes or even in your beauty routines, AOVE promises to transform and enrich your life with its unique properties.


How to recognize authentic AOVE

To identify genuine AOVE and understand what it is and what it’s used for, it’s important to consider some key aspects. Firstly, the color. A quality AOVE has a greener color due to its high chlorophyll content. It is also essential to check the harvest date and the designation of origin, as authentic AOVE must come from a specific territory and be harvested at the optimal moment.

Furthermore, taste and aroma are crucial in recognizing authentic AOVE. It should have a fruity flavor, with nuances ranging from sweet to bitter and spicy, depending on the variety of olive. Its aroma should remind you of fresh fruits and characteristic elements of nature, such as grass or tomato.



AOVE serves as an essential ingredient in the kitchen

AOVE is a fundamental ingredient in gastronomy, especially in the Mediterranean diet. But what is AOVE used for in the kitchen? It is used both for cooking and dressing. Its intense flavor and aroma enhance the taste of dishes, whether they are raw or cooked.

It is perfect for dressing salads, toast, and steamed vegetables. It is also excellent for cooking since, despite having a lower smoke point compared to other oils, it is sufficient for most culinary techniques.


Conclusion: Now that you know what AOVE is and what it’s used for

We encourage you to include it in your daily diet and discover its incredible benefits for yourself. From a health perspective, its regular consumption can help prevent various diseases and keep our bodies in an optimal state. From a culinary point of view, its use can elevate the flavor of our dishes and offer an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

What are you waiting for to try it? Discover the authentic taste of AOVE and transform your dishes into true culinary masterpieces!

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