Discover the excellence of manzanilla cacereña oil

Manzanilla cacereña oil is grown in a privileged region south of Salamanca and north of Cáceres. The soil, water and sun combine to create the ideal conditions for the olive trees to grow.

Ideal soil: the basis of flavour

The slatey, acidic and slightly sloping soil allows the roots of the olive trees to penetrate deeply in search of moisture and drainage, resulting in a more flavourful and nutritious olive.

The perfect climate: mild winters and warm summers

The climate, with mild winters and warm summers, allows for optimum development of the tree and its fruit.

The regular rainfall and the adequate distribution of water in a mountainous area contribute to maintaining adequate soil humidity for the growth of the olive tree.

In addition, the thermal oscillation between day and night favours the accumulation of aromatic compounds and antioxidants in the olives, which results in a high quality manzanilla cacereña oil with unique organoleptic properties.

Pure water: the importance of an essential resource

The Sierra de Béjar supplies the region with pure, fresh water from melting snow. This soft water, free of calcium carbonate, is essential for the healthy growth of the olive trees and the quality of the manzanilla cacereña oil.

Plentiful sunshine: perfect ripening of the olives

The southern orientation of the olive groves ensures excellent ripening of the olives, which contributes to their exceptional flavour and quality.

Olive trees: manzanilla cacereña, a unique variety

The manzanilla cacereña predominates almost exclusively in the south of Salamanca and north of Cáceres. The medium-sized, long-lived trees thrive in poor, acidic soils.

Artisan production: care and attention to detail at every step.

The harvesting and extraction process of manzanilla cacereña oil is carried out in a careful and artisanal way, guaranteeing a pure product full of flavour.

Thanks to these characteristics, manzanilla cacereña oil is considered one of the best gourmet oils in the world. It is perfect to enjoy raw, in salads, fish or as part of a good breakfast. Dare to try it and discover the difference!

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